Links Pertinent To the Quick Action Resolution Deck

Whether supporting the original, printed Marvel Super-Heroes Adventure Game or any of the very, very few attempts to retro-clone that system, sites dedicated to this particular subject matter are truly few and far between. As more of these are identified, they'll be plugged into this document to better spread the word about any and all resources available when using it - or rewritten derivatives such as the QARD:

the Marvel-Phile: though Steve Kenson's Marvel Super-Heroes Adventure Game materials are no longer at the Marvel-Phile, this new site is a full archive of everything this former Saga system writer produced for the online community. There's no telling how long it'll stay up, so grab whatever you can while you can, 'cause who knows when it'll be gone for good.

Martyrs and Madmen is a venerable MSH Adventure Game site featuring data on new powers, character descriptions from all over the Marvel Universe, and even some home-brewed characters. This site isn't updated often these days, but still has a large array of MSHAG material freely available for your gaming pleasure to this very day.

the MSHAG Library: built by Andrew Essary, the MSHAG Library houses a considerable amount of original material for, you guessed it, the Marvel Super-Heroes Adventure Game. There are a bevy of optional rules and clarifications on the official text that any Saga player should find valuable, so go check something out of the Library today!

Technohol 13: the hub of my many and various gaming sites, Technohol 13 is the original source for my Quick Action Resolution Deck content. There you can still find QARD variations of character descriptions I have written, characters whose copyrights are ultimately owned by others - and thus aren't here. But there's plenty of QARD material to be found at Technohol 13, so by all means give it a look!

(More To Come As I Unearth Them Anew)

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